revsaintmichael (revsaintmichael) wrote in necrophilarp,

Let's have a Social

I'm setting this Saturday night aside for a Social.

Why? There are many reasons;

We haven't had one in a while.
It so happens that cabin fever sucks.
It would be nice to see all your lovely smiling faces again.
To support the venue which has done a fine job of supporting us.
To interact and socialize with one another without imaginary bullets and supernatural predators rushing past.
Because Socials are rather fun.
Because this Saturday doesn't conflict with Forgotten Dreams, the much admired and adored Changeling LARP.

Question: What is a Social?
Answer: Just a normal get together. No character sheets, no costumes or in-game things going on. We'll just be showing up and taking part in the regulary scheduled "SHADOWLAND" Goth Night that they do there.

Question: Where/When?
Answer: It will be at Ulana's (our LARP venue: 2nd & Bainbridge in Philadelphia) during typical clubbing hours. For myself, I'll probably get there around 10pm and then stay until whenever.
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