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Final Game Cancelled

It looks like there will be too few attendees for the final VIGOR MORTIS game planned this Saturday.

Thusly, the LARP is ended.

This has been a very enjoyable experience for all of the STs involved, as I hope it's been for our faithful Players. Throughout the two year history of the game we've always been surprised and entertained and thrilled by what our Players added to the game. You've certainly kept us on our toes.

Aside from the perpetual torrential downpours on game days, I always looked forward to the Saturdays when we took over Ulana's. Running around amidst the unfolding chaos of a game is even more fun than it looks. If any of you have the opportunity to run a game, I highly recommend it. Seeing all persectives at once is more than just compensation for not being able to step in and be a Player. This has been a lot of fun.

Also, I want to say I'm very thankful we had a good working relationship with Jimi and with the venue. They always had nothing but good things to say about our presence in their place. I continue to recommend going out to Ulana's on Saturday nights for their goth night.

Some of our Players were new to LARPing but all seemed to take to it instantly and added a lot to everyone's enjoyment of the game. We truly appreciated your fresh blood. >:[

It speaks well of all our players, that my only complaint is there aren't enough of you. As for the future? Perhaps sometime next year I'll look at bringing Vigor Mortis characters over into a tabletop game and continuing that way.

And as always,
Fear my vampire icon head,

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