revsaintmichael (revsaintmichael) wrote in necrophilarp,

Action Card Reminder

So, Jimmy Hoffa didn't make it to the last game.

And now in the real world SEPTA is on strike.

Coincidence? Probably.

This is to remind you about Action Cards. Given the busy holiday weekend we just got through, I thought I'd extend the usual end-of-the-month deadline out a bit. Let's have your Action Cards in by the end of this coming weekend (Nov. 6th). These would be the Action Cards that come to fruition for the big year-end PhilCon LARP coming up the weekend of December 9th-12th.

The other STs and I have been throwing orphans down wells, kicking puppies, and watching the news in order to desensitize ourselves and concoct a game of epic thrilling nightmarish proportions for PhilCon. Further announcements will follow as the date approaches.
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