revsaintmichael (revsaintmichael) wrote in necrophilarp,

While you're at PhilCon this weekend . . .

You may have a few moments between the plotting and intrigue, murder and mayhem to stop by the Dealer's Room. In the Dealer's Room is a friend of ours that goes by grendelsden on LiveJournal. In real life people some folks call him Dave Ghoul. In addition to being a DJ, he's quite the accomplished photographer and artist and he'll be set up there selling his wares.

When I first met Dave he was one of the folks associated with The 13th Child who hosted the John's Dark Corner goth night at the Barbary. He was very instrumental in getting us set up with venue contacts and giving necrophilarp its first and subsequent homes. If you get a chance this weekend, do drop by his display and say "Hi" and maybe "Thanks" and maybe you'll even want to take some of his artwork home with you.
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