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What Were Your Favorite Moments From PhilCon?

I'll have a whole other post just for all of the Thank You's that are going out. There are many. I am quite the satisfied and exhausted Story Teller at this moment.

But for now with this post: You are all invited and encouraged to respond with your favorite moments from this past weekend long PhilCon LARP.

Here were a few of mine;

The scouting group's narrow escape from the Mutter Museum sub-basement Chamber of Horrors. Narrow. Very, very narrow.

The special "not going out like a punk" moment when John Sullivan made a stand, pulled out all the stops, and proceeded to smash an industrial gas cylinder OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN into Mother Mary May-Eye's head. He showed her what Catholic School beatings were all about.

Florence Daynor showing exactly why she's the queen of her castle by fending off the vicious follow-up attack of Azhi Dahaka. I think what did it for me was the cheer that went up in the room when she fought past his FOURTH re-test in a row.

There were several other one-on-one scenes I'd like to get into, but the outcome of those will unfold into the rest of the games in the coming year. :)
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