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This is the Philadelphia based Vampire LARP being ST'd by revsaintmichael, thomas_molitor, and yagathai. You can e-mail the address above to contact the STs and have a character for the game.

Venue: Ulana's @ 2nd & Bainbridge, Philadelphia, PA
2PM doors open
3PM game starts
7PM game wraps up

2006 Game Dates
Saturday January 14th
Saturday February 4th
Saturday March 4th
Saturday April 22nd
Saturday May 13th
Saturday June 3rd
Saturday July 22nd
Saturday August 26th
Saturday September 16th
Saturday October 14th
Saturday November 11th
December: In conjunction with PhilCon2006

Action Cards are due one week after each game.

Our Few House Rules

The Background Story

Almost too strange to be true news articles with a World of Darkness flavor

Bump in the Night Creations is a vendor that does "Fangs, Claws, and More . . .". They stopped by for a visit at our August game.

Just the STs will be posting entries in the community, which will include game announcements, updates, rulings, etc. Members can post comments and replies.